Spellcheck Your Website

By on Feb 10, 2011

I’m not sure there’s anything that creates a more negative impression than finding a spelling error in an e-mail or business letter, except maybe finding a spelling error on a page in your agency website.

Hopefully, most of you spellcheck your e-mails before you send them. But how do you check your website for spelling errors? These errors are often not caught during a proofreading of the content due to the brain’s ability to automatically compensate for incorrect or missing letters.

As you might imagine, there’s a website that will help you make sure¬†your¬†website doesn’t contain any spelling errors.

At CheckDog.com you can enter your website URL and receive a report that will identify potential spelling errors. When you run a “free quick scan” on the first hundred pages contained in your site, you will receive a report containing potential spelling errors. For many agencies this might be all they need.

A free trial account is limited to 30 days of service, which includes checking up to 100 pages during five separate scans. If you want more, there are six different paid plan levels that will fit most any budget.

If your agency is creating blog content on a regular basis, you should consider the “Blog owners” plan for $24 per month. This plan includes the ability to create an automatic weekly scan of up to 1,000 pages.

Don’t let typos ruin the impression you can make with your site!


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