Fast Desktop Searching

By on Jan 6, 2011

How often have you searched for an e-mail or document and spent what seemed like an eternity trying to find it? There are many software programs available that will help you search for files on your local computer. Windows itself offers some file search capability.

We have used a program called Copernic Desktop Search for some time and find that it saves a huge amount of time finding just the right file. This program indexes and searches various file types such as documents (including text found within PDF files), emails, contacts, Internet browsing history, music, pictures, and videos located on your hard drive. It is easy to use, has little impact on your PC’s performance, and returns search results quickly.

To find a file, you type in the keywords you want to search for and the software retrieves all matching files with that word. The more keywords entered, the more refined the results will be.

There are other products available that perform similar tasks but we have found Copernic to be consistently fast and easy to use.

The Home version is free, the Professional version (adds Outlook appointments, tasks and notes) costs $50 and the Corporate version costs $60 per license. It is well worth downloading the free version and trying this product out. And we predict you will want to purchase at least the Pro version.


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