Create a Warning Label

By on Dec 16, 2010

Have you ever wanted to create a warning label to use on your website, email newsletter or print material? Now you can, quickly and easily. does exactly what the name implies. It allows anyone to create a customized warning label graphic image that can be used in any type of physical or electronic publication.

Creating your own label is a four-step process.

    1.  Pick a warning label style from 11 different types.
    2.  Choose a warning symbol from 45 different styles.
    3.  Add your warning message. You can use up to six lines.
    4.  Click the “generate warning label” button. The graphic displays on the next page.

It’s that simple. Below is just one idea of how you might be able to use warning labels to catch a client or prospect attention in a proposal, email, website, postcard or just about anything else.

Warning Label Generator


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