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By on Nov 4, 2010

Accurately documenting the conversations that outside producers and staff have with clients is an important protection for agencies. Yet, finding an easy way to create this documentation continues to be a problem for most agencies.

iDictate, a web-based dictation service, is one solution. Once you set up an account, you can upload previously recorded audio files to be transcribed. Transcription is completed with a combination of technology and people so that the transcription is as accurate as possible. In addition to audio files, you can also upload PDF or graphic images to be typed.

If you don’t have a recording, you can also call a provided phone number and begin dictating at the tone. You simply press any key when finished. You will then be asked if you wish to resume the current dictation or begin a new job. That way you can continue dictating without having to call back.

Turnaround time for regular services is generally 12 to 24 hours. For general dictation the cost is 1.25 cents per word dictated, with a minimum of 100 words per job ($1.25).

To test iDictate, call (877) DICTATE or (866) 995-3000 (from outside the United States (847) 983-3001 and select option 4. When prompted, enter your 10 digit phone #, and dictate at the tone. You will have about 2 minutes to dictate.

To retrieve your completed test dictation, tell them by email:

a. Your full name.
b. The 10 digit phone number that you entered into the phone when you dictated.
c. Date and Time (Central Time) of your test call.
d. Who referred you to iDictate.

Test dictations may take 12-24 hours to complete. They allow one free test per person.

If you want faster turnaround, another option is Quicktate. Turnaround time is typically measured in minutes, rather than hours. The average turnaround time for small files and voicemail messages is two to three minutes. Of course, if your file is 20 minutes long, they will not be able to transcribe it in five minutes.

Quicktate can be used for regular dictation or to transcribe personal notes, ideas, letters, etc. or to transcribe voicemail messages with near perfect accuracy.

While iDictate delivers your transcription in a Microsoft Word document, Quicktate files are sent directly within the email message as text. Also, Quicktate transcriptions can be broadcast to multiple persons at one time, making it an ideal tool for group or emergency broadcasts.

Software is also available for the iPhone (using Voxie) and Blackberry (using Shape Services).

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