Is My House in a Flood Zone?

By on Sep 23, 2010

Last spring’s flooding in Nashville, Tenn. made me more sensitive to tools that can help agents and their clients better understand the need for a flood policy.Flood Risk Meter answers one simple question: Is my house in a flood zone? This tool should be highlighted on every agency Web site.

With a database covering over 100 million U.S. residential addresses, is a great source of valuable information. Simply enter an address and you will instantly see flood zone information for that location, as well as a graphic of the Flood Risk Meter.

Encourage your current clients or prospects to use if they are looking to move into a new area, renting, selling, or buying a residential property, or to find out if their home’s flood status has changed since they purchased the property. This is especially important, as new flood maps are often released across the country.

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