Meeting Scheduler: TimeBridge

By on Sep 2, 2010

Have you ever tried to set up a meeting with your staff or a client who uses a different calendar? At best, it can be a challenge.

TimeBridge, a PC Magazine Editors’ Choice, helps you set up meetings for those with unrelated scheduling systems.

You’ve got Outlook; she’s got Google Calendar; he’s got Thunderbird, and so on. Instead of playing phone tag and worrying about time zones, you just send out the invites, and TimeBridge handles the confirmations and reminders. You only need to know the e-mail addresses of each person you want to invite.

Each person receives a message with the options for a meeting time; they don’t need a TimeBridge account to reply. As the originator, you get a message if your various invitees can’t make it at the proposed times. Once the meeting is set, everyone gets an e-mail confirmation with links to import the info into various calendars, including Google, Outlook, Yahoo!, and Apple’s iCal.

TimeBridge Basic is always free. Depending on user count, the Plus versions range between $12 and $14 a month.

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