Quick Screen Capture

By on Aug 19, 2010

TechSmith’s Jing is a free service that allows you to instantly share images and video from your desktop. Once installed, Jing sits unobtrusively on the top of your screen waiting to capture an image of your desktop. Hover your mouse over the logo, and with one click you can activate the screen capture utility.

After you select the screen area you wish to capture, you can save it to the clipboard, e-mail it, store it as a local file, or store it online at Screencast.com.

Screencast.com, TechSmith’s media hosting solution to securely host your content, is perfect for the kind of images and videos you’ll want to make with Jing. You can use Screencast.com to ensure everyone has access to a free, secure hosting option. A free Screencast.com account provides you with 2 GB of storage and 2 GB of bandwidth per month.

Use Jing to collaborate on a project, share a snapshot of a document, record an online action as a video (such as demonstrating a program) and more. You can download a free version of Jing or buy the Pro version for $14.95 a year.


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