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By on May 27, 2010


One aspect of the social web that doesn’t get much attention is the ability for people who purchase a product or service to leave a review of their experience after they’ve used it.

Many retail stores (both online and traditional) maintain a user product review section on their websites. You’ve probably used this feature when you’ve researched a particular product or service. If you research a book on Amazon, for example, you likely take a look at the user reviews. If you want to purchase something from Best Buy, you check the user reviews for that product.

Last fall, we purchased a new flat panel TV. I read user reviews at Costco, Sam’s Club, and Best Buy to help me decide upon the best product.

Online user reviews are a great social web concept because you can read about the experiences other agents have had with whatever you’re thinking about buying – from a management system to a software program.

I am often asked for my opinion about a specific product or service. The questions range from “What is the best agency management system?” to “Can you recommend a website designer?” Insurance agencies haven’t had a centralized place where they can go to read about the experiences others have had with products and services… until now.

I have created a new website called Agency User Reviews. It’s a central place where agency staff can tell others about their experiences with using different products and services. Just like on eBay, Amazon, and Best Buy, your voice can now be heard.

My hope is that this site will help insurance agents, and the rest of the industry, find the best products and services for their organizations. I have pre-populated the site with several categories of products and services, and an initial list of providers. This is only a start.

If a product or service is not currently listed anyone can request it be added by clicking on “Suggest a Review.”

Also be sure to read the “About” section so you understand the site guidelines and how to write a good review.

Finally, be sure to go to and leave your own thoughtful and useful reviews for the products and services you have used in your organization.

Agency User Reviews:

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