View Paper Mail Online

By on Apr 29, 2010

One problem with working virtually is that it’s difficult to stay on top of your paper mail. Mailbox Forwarding is a new service that enables you to manage your paper mail like email. You can receive your paper mail regardless of where you are physically located.

When you sign up for Mailbox Forwarding you get a unique box number at their Grandville, Mich. address. When a piece of mail arrives, Mailbox Forwarding automatically scans the envelope and uploads the image to the proper user’s account. The user can then log in to an online control panel and choose from a number of actions. If they need to view a document, they can request to have the envelope opened and its contents scanned.

Mail that must be physically received can be bundled and forwarded to any physical address in the world at affordable rates. And unnecessary or junk mail can be shredded and recycled with the click of a button.

There are three pricing plans, depending on the volume of mail you receive and want processed, as well as the number of items you have forwarded to an address. You can choose to whom you provide this new address. This allows you to have time-sensitive mail available to you at any time.

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