Easily Send Video Emails

By on Jan 21, 2010

Getting your message through to existing clients as well as prospects takes creativity. Everyone experiences e-mail overload and anything you can do to make your message stand out in an Outlook inbox is a good thing.

Eyejot is a web-based service that allows you to quickly and easily send Video email (v-mail) to anyone. All you need is a simple webcam and an Eyejot account. The best part is that the basic service is free (at least for now.)

Once you have a webcam and an Eyejot account, it really is as easy as clicking Record and speaking to the camera to create and send a v-mail. The actual video is stored on the Eyejot servers and an e-mail is sent to the recipient. They click on a link and your video message is played.

You should think about using Eyejot in your agency to communicate with clients. If you do, then the PRO Plus version is worth the $100 per year price. Messages can be a maximum of 5 minutes in length, you can upload pre-recorded video, you have extended message storage time, it is advertising-free, and you have the ability to attach and send documents. You can also brand several Eyejot notification elements with your agency logo and color scheme. The service will also alert you when your video messages have been viewed.


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