Easily Capture Contact Information

By on Jan 7, 2010

The process of capturing and maintaining contact information within Outlook is tedious. Gwabbit is a new Outlook plug-in that makes the process ridiculously easy.

Gwabbit runs in the background, scanning your e-mail and alerting you if it finds new contact information within. Click the Gwabbit button and it will create (or update) a contact record with the info it gathers. The update functionality is particularly handy, as it can let you know when the information you have is outdated or incorrect.

The program generally works as advertised. Depending on how your contacts arrange their information, it can occasionally get confused. Still, the process is much easier than entering the information from scratch. If it finds ambiguous or incomplete information, it will prompt you to clean it up or make a correction. Highlighting the signature block can help point it to the right place.

If you use Outlook to store and maintain your communication and contact info, Gwabbit can help automate the process.

A downloadable 14-day trial is available that you can use for up to 20 contacts. The full program costs $20.


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