Use Video on Your Web Site: It’s Easy

By on Dec 17, 2009

Video can be a powerful tool when used to inform and educate prospects, current clients, and employees. Largely because of YouTube, younger generations are especially open to viewing videos.

Most agents have a hard time understanding how to use video because they don’t know where to begin. One place to begin is with the Insurance Information Institute.

The Insurance Information Institute produces videos and allows agencies to use them on their own Web sites. Thousands of Web sites presently link to and use content from the Insurance Information Institute’s sites.

You must obtain permission to use I.I.I. content, and follow some specific rules. Permission can be requested by completing a form located on the Web site itself. Some of the rules include:

    • You must cite I.I.I. as the source for the content on each Web or print page where it appears.
    • You must link to on each page where the content appears.
    • You may not charge anyone to view I.I.I. content online.
    • You may not alter I.I.I. content in any way. The I.I.I. also reserves the right to revoke permission to use its content at any time.

There is a wide range of topics available – including coverage explanations for both personal and commercial lines.

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