Adding Instant Message Capability

By on Oct 8, 2009

Are your clients able to communicate with you any way they want — whether by phone, e-mail, Web, call center, or live access? Instant Messaging (IM) is an option that is becoming easier to implement.

Understandably, agencies are often concerned about the practical aspects of IM. How will the conversation be documented? Is it worth the time?

One service worth considering is Provide Support, a software and Web process that provides “Live Chat” option on your site.

You are given code that enables you to add a button on your site that a client can click to start a live chat with someone in your office. You select individuals who become part of a chat rotation. When someone clicks on the Web button, a box pops up on the computer of the next person in the rotation. That person is responsible for the instant message conversation.

The price depends on how many users you add. One user costs $99 annually, three users is $198 annually, and 10 operators is $396 annually. The software provides a transcript of each conversation after the call is finished, along with a management recap at night.

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