Send and Receive Large Files

By on Sep 24, 2009

Being able to attach large files to an e-mail to send to someone else is becoming more difficult as organizations place limits on the size of received e-mails. This problem can arise when trying to send a submission to an underwriter or with a client who needs to send you a picture or large spreadsheet. is a Web-based service that streamlines the process of sending and receiving large files.

Using the service is as easy as entering the recipient’s e-mail address into a form, selecting the file you want to send, and clicking the SendThisFile button. The recipient receives a link to their file via an e-mail message and then clicks on the link to download the file to their computer. There are no e-mail attachments and no software to install. There are no file size limits so any file up to 2 gigabytes (a browser limit) can be sent. A free account is available to test the service and for sending a small number of files. For a larger number of files several paid plans are available starting at $49.95 per year.

Another interesting service is the FileBox, which can be placed on your Web site to allow visitors to easily transfer large files to you at any time. The sender does not have to have a SendThisFile account to use this service. The FileBox is easy to make and easy to install, just fill in a few blanks at the Web site and the automated system writes the HTML code for you. Then you copy and paste the HTML code onto a page on your Web site. There are two versions available: The standard, free FileBox and a customizable FileBox for businesses who want to fully integrate it into their Web sites.

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