Electronic Desktop Ruler

By on Sep 17, 2009

As more agencies move toward less paper and dual monitors for processing, they might find a product called Desktop Ruler useful.

In today’s agency environment, CSRs are constantly multitasking – talking on the phone, processing, working on carrier websites, etc. As a result, they are often interrupted while working on a website or processing electronic files to the agency management system.

In the past, CSRs simply worked from paper and used a vertical paper holder with a ruler that slid up and down to mark their place. Today, CSRs can use Desktop Ruler, which acts as a virtual ruler, sliding easily with the mouse and supporting a dual monitor configuration. The ruler can be configured to be transparent, or you can change its color.

Other products are available, but some are too expensive and others bound by mouse movement. A single copy of Desktop Ruler costs $14.95. There is also a bundle price of $19.95, which includes Desktop Ruler, Desktop Magnifier, and Anniversaries Reminder.


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