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By on Jul 30, 2009

Sometimes you just need to send a letter. And that’s the basic concept behind Postful, a Web site service designed to allow you to easily mail a letter just by sending an e-mail. With Postful, you can use e-mail as a single method for connecting with all your contacts, whether they have access to e-mail or not.

There are several ways to use the service. QuickLetter is the easiest. You simply send an e-mail to with a name and mailing address in the subject line. The body of the e-mail contains the information you want to be printed in the letter.

Format the body of the e-mail to look exactly like you want it to look in the letter, including the signature block. Once done, you simply send the e-mail. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Postful that will allow you to confirm that the address was interpreted correctly and to view a PDF of the actual letter prior to it being printed and mailed.

The cost is $.99 for the first page and $.25 for each additional page, which includes postage.

The service is customizable in several ways. You are able to upload a color PDF of your letterhead and store it on the site. E-mail letters can then be printed using your letterhead template in full color. You are also able to create special e-mail addresses for frequent contacts. Rather than typing the mailing address every time, just send your letter content to this e-mail address. You can also create a Groupbox that contains an entire mailing list.

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