Keep Track of Who’s Off

By on Jul 16, 2009

Effectively managing human resources is one area where many agencies struggle. As a case in point, it can be a hassle to keep track of employee vacation and sick time. In small agencies, the agency owner typically tracks vacation and sick time – but most of the time, not very well. is a website that helps organizations of any size manage and track vacation schedules, holiday planning, and sick time. The program is completely browser-based. Once you establish an account, you and your staff can request holiday/vacation time. The request goes to whomever you designate to approve or decline requests. Then, staff is notified of the decision. If you have remote offices, you could assign one individual to review all requests for time off. You could also designate a department manager or supervisor.

In addition to paid holidays and vacations, the system can also track sick leave. WhosOff enables you to visibly see patterns of sickness across the organization or for each individual, because sick days show up as red blocks on the user’s calendar. With this program, you’ll know who has a chronic case of Monday illnesses.

If you set WhosOff to allow your staff to log sickness for each other, a person who calls in sick can have his or her absence logged immediately. Then, an automatic e-mail is sent to that person’s approver, enabling managers to plan and backfill as appropriate.

The system also allows you to set rules and restrictions. For example, you might want to set a rule that Tony can’t be absent when Alan is absent. The WhosOff system alerts the user of the restriction when he or she initially requests leave.

WhosOff is currently offering two free months to try them out. Then you have the option of continuing with their Premium version or cancelling. To get an idea of what WhosOff Premium will cost your company, just enter your anticipated staff level, click on the Calculate button and the system will immediately let you know the amount per month.

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