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By on Jul 2, 2009

For quite some time I have wanted to use a postage meter but because of the small volume of mail I send could just not justify the monthly rental expense. I looked into using an Internet postage account but was put off the monthly fee. When visiting an agency recently I went to a small (15 people) satellite location that used a solution that I ended up purchasing.

Endicia DYMO Stamps allows you to print official United States Postal Service (USPS) postage labels using the provided software and a DYMO label printer. When printed on DYMO Stamps labels, this postage can be used just like the stamps you buy from the Post Office. Using the included scale (connected to your computer via a USB cable) you can weigh any envelope or package up to 5 pounds.

Once your mailpiece has the appropriate postage applied and is ready to go, simply hand it to your mail carrier or drop it off at your local Post Office. Your no-monthly-fee Endicia DYMO Stamps account is simply a bank account for postage. You buy postage over the Internet and the purchase amount is added to your Endicia postage account. Each time you print postage, the postage amount is deducted from your account, with no per-stamp fee or monthly service charge.

Postage must be printed on USPS-approved DYMO Stamps labels (30915). These labels are specially treated to be recognized by the US Postal Service scanners. Postage printed with DYMO Stamps is not date sensitive. You can print postage today and use it any time in the future. If the postal rates change, just print an additional postage label to bring the total postage to that required for your mailpiece. At present, refunds are not available for DYMO Stamps postage printed in error. Before printing postage, you should make sure the amount of postage for each label is correct and that DYMO Stamps will print to the label printer with DYMO Stamps labels loaded.

The total cost will depend on what you purchase. This is a great postage solution for a small office or home office that wants to use something other than regular stamps.

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