A Reason to Use Cell Phone Text Messaging

By on Jun 18, 2009

Virtually every cell phone sold today has the capability to send and receive text messages. We know what you’re thinking; text messaging is just for kids. Think again, because there is some useful information available via text messaging.

4INFO (44636) is an example. With this number, you can access information using SMS (Short Message Service), including movie times, sports scores, flight times, business directories, and other handy information for your area. To find the nearest pizza joint, for example, just text “pizza Franklin, TN.” For movies, punch in the name of the flick or just enter “movies” and the name of the city or theater. Looking for Starbucks? You can text “Starbucks” and the zip. Within 30 seconds or so, you’ll receive an SMS containing the requested info.

While the service is great, it can’t do everything. Missing from the query pool are white page listings and driving directions. On the other hand, it can deliver jokes, drink recipes, pickup lines, and WiFi hotspots – everything you need for getting around town.

Google SMS works the same way. You send your queries via SMS to¬†466453, (aka “GOOGLE”) and can access even more kinds of handy data, including driving directions, word definitions, residential listings, and reverse phone lookups. Google SMS is short on fun stuff, and long on practical information. Go to Google to print a wallet-sized tip sheet if you have trouble remembering query syntax.

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