Easily Manage Website Passwords

By on Jun 10, 2009

Managing multiple website passwords is one of the more difficult tasks for agency personnel. While tools like Transformation Station and TransactNOW help with this process, there continues to be many sites that your staff goes to daily where each time they have to manually enter User ID and password information.

RoboForm is a tool that can help. I’ve been using it for a while and don’t know how I got along without it!

The program installs as part of your Web browser (either Internet Explorer or Firefox) and manages login and passwords for you. When you log into a website, RoboForm offers to save the online login information into a Passcard after you click the Login/Submit button. The Passcard is saved into a fully encrypted file that requires a master password to access it.

Once the login information page is saved, true one-click login is available by clicking on the website name in the Passcard list. The program automatically navigates to the website’s login page, fills the stored login information into the form, and clicks the submit button. You are logged in with one click.

RoboForm can also complete a form with saved information, such as a contact information form. Your predefined contact information can be populated into a form with just one click.

The free version of RoboForm allows you to have 10 Passcards or less. RoboForm Pro is $29.95. Upgrading to the Pro version allows you to save an unlimited number of Passcards and Identities, and comes with unlimited toll-free customer support.


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